Korean and Japanese Fashion at the Show

Its fashion week as we are back in Toronto! Toronto Fashion week is one of the most exciting times of the year. Seoul fashion is certainly dominating the week as we see fashion models and designers flying in from South Korea to participate in the shows.

These shows will be showing off kpop stars’ styles and clothing brands. There is a lot of great Korean style clothing that you’re going to want to look out for.

Kpop Fashion

A really popular kpop girl group right now is Red Velvet. This kpop hallyu group has a fresh style that compliments their music. The clothing is bright and eclectic, which reflects their musical style. Their latest hit was Red Flavor, which features them in their summer Korean fashion.

black dress in front of fountain


There are a lot of bright t shirts and tank tops with colorful skirts and shorts. This is a bit of a newer look in Korean Fashion – Womens Kpop Style Clothes as the weather is usually cold and they tend to wear more muted colors. That’s definitely not the case in the summer, though! You can also see an example of this bright kpop fashion in Sistar’s video Shake It. They go back to a bright 80’s look with loud colors and distressed jeans.

This look is great for partying and I’m sure we’ll see plenty of it this week at the fashion show. We’ll also definitely see quite a bit of it at the after parties.

Korean vs Japanese Fashion

You’ll also see fashion from other countries like Japan. Japanese fashion tends to be a bit more bizarre than Korean fashion – . Korea is generally a lot cuter, while Japan can be more extreme. They like harsh colors and textures. But, you’re going to see all kinds of different cultures and clothing styles represented this week.

Clothing is an important part of any culture and you can learn a lot about the people by the way that they dress. By seeing what styles of clothing they wear you can get a sense of their values. You learn what’s important to them. You learn about gender expression. This means that you learn how men and women represent themselves with their fashion.

Mens and Womens Clothing

korean mens fashionMen in Korea tend to have softer expressions, especially the younger ones. Their clothing reflects this because they wear a lot of cuddly looking clothing that looks comfortable yet trendy. In Japan, the men dress in darker and more powerful looking clothing. This is because that is how the men in Japan tend to express their masculinity. Women, on the other hand, are a lot more “cutesy” in Korea than they are in Japan. Here’s a great post about Korean Dress – Find the Perfect Kpop Outfit. It depends on the age, but a lot of Japanese women dress more professionally, especially if they are career-oriented. Or, they can express their femininity with their clothing by dressing very demurely.

This is obviously a generalization of the two cultures and their respective fashion styles. No two people dress exactly alike even if they are from the same country. But, when you see enough of their fashion you start to notice similarities in how they dress.

Love in the Moonlight Korean actress Kim Yoo Jung

Upcoming Show

If you have any questions about getting tickets or what the lineup is, feel free to contact our main office. Tickets are available online or you can pay at the gate.

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There will be a discount applied, when you book early online.

Make your reservation today and enjoy a week full of fashion, fun, and friends.



International Style Coming This Year

Toronto Fashion Week is back this year with some special guests from Korea. Korean fashion is all the rage and we’re super excited to have our friends from South Korea clothing labels in our midst. We’re going to have a special runway session for this week’s fashion show in Toronto that will blow your minds.

white blouse and gray suit

We’re flying in designers, clothing makers, fashion models, and all the big names in the industry from all over the world. Last year we focused more on artists and designers within our own country. This year will be an international mashup of style.

Tickets will be going on sale soon.

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